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This is how my pulley got torn… The cause was just one single hold. (Sorry for the scream. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience. ?) The route is ‘A muerte bilou’ in La Ramirole (Verdon, France). A route I absolutely enjoyed. The first part is 8c+, the full route is 9a or maybe a bit more. There was no move in the whole route that held me back, so I was super excited! I wanted to climb the 8c+ first, then memorize the second part some more (sooo cool to climb, with great tufas!) and start doing attempts soon after. But. There was one 3 finger pocket. It wasn’t even a bad hold. It simply proved to be dangerous for my size of hands. Not for everyone, since it’s more of a crimp for people with bigger hands. But my fingers entered a bit deeper than theirs. A small feature on the edge of the hold (like a tiny shark fin) probably cut into my ring finger as well. The tension on the poor pulley must have gotten extremely high and… CRACK. That was it. A full pulley rupture. The sudden climbing break is hard to deal with. Over the last few days it hit me from time to time. But I’m feeling better already and well, I can’t change anything about it. Gotta live day by day. Cry when needed. ? And don’t forget to laugh when possible. ? @lasportivagram #lasportiva @6dsportsnutrition #6dsportsnutrition @lecomte.alpirando #equipetapassion @petzl_official #petzlbenelux @rhinoskinsolutions #skinabusespecialists @xcultclimbing #xcultclimbing @xcultusa @frigyesvandenauweele @climbforhim #climbing #rockclimbing #verdon #france #laramirole #injury #pulleyinjury #pulley #surgery #climbinginjury #outdoors #camping #vanlife #escalade #klettern #sportklimmen #grimper #climb

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