1 week in Canada…

… for the 2017 IFSC world climbing camp in Victoria.

My journey started on the 1st of January with a nerve-racking experience. My parents had dropped my off at the national airport, but as I wanted to check in, I was told I didn’t have the travel authorization for Canada and wasn’t allowed to leave the country (it had only recently become mandatory). “So here my trip ends”, I thought. But to make a long story short: thanks to some computers downstairs, a kind man and a quick response from the Canadians, I was able to check in and leave Belgium after all.

The rest of my first-time-flying-on-my-own experience was marked by 3 delayed flights and a very upset stomach. At the end of the long flight I ate a sort of warm pizza-like sandwich which turned out to be a poisoned gift. In Calgary airport I started feeling bad and during the next flight I had to grab the sickness bag several times (something I’d never experienced before). Buh. I suppose it was a food poisoning.
Thankfully I was allowed a rest day the next day. And I was being looked after by Kimanda, the climbing camp’s organizer, who bought me some wholesome food. Once I was able to eat again, this definitely made me feel better. 🙂

The IFSC training camp itself
I had a great time working together with other world cup athletes and I got to do a lot of things I don’t do very often:
give a presentation about my competition routine, coach the teenagers in my group during mock competitions, set a route and even demonstrate one.


It was great hanging out and working together with other talented climbers, outside of a competition.
I hope the camp’s participants went home having learned a lot and being motivated to keep going and never give up in order to reach their goals!




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