My faith

I believe in the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I believe He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and He has created me. He is almighty and way more powerful than the strongest climbers on earth. But most of all He is holy. He only does what is right and pure. Every good thing comes from Him. Relationships, love, joy, peace…
But God also has an enemy. That is satan, the devil. He is the father of lies and does only what is evil. He wants to destroy everything that comes from God. His goal is to try and keep people away from God by telling them lies. As humans, we are all born as slaves of the devil and of sin. We all deserve to be eternally separated from God. Imagine that. It means to be eternally dead, without all those things that God has made. No love, no peace!

But there is hope!
I believe in Jesus as the son of God. He came to this world to die in our place. He took on his shoulders our guilt and shame, our sickness and rejection. He died for our sins, even though He himself was God and He had never done anything wrong. But he rose from the dead and He is alive!

Because of this sacrifice, we can be free from sin. The choice is ours. Do we want to repent from our sins and ask God for forgiveness? Do we want to surrender to this Almighty God who created us and knows us better than we do ourselves? Do we want to accept Jesus as our Lord and Master?

It is so simple, yet so many people choose to be independent and rebellious against God.
But this is important! There are only 2 ways you can go, only 2 places where you can be for eternity. With God or without God.

When I was 11 years old I made the choice to follow and serve Jesus for the rest of my life and I was baptized by being immersed in water. Since that moment I have never regretted my choice.
I can live in the freedom of doing God’s will. That may not sound like freedom, but it truly is. I do no longer have to be lead by my own desires, plans or fear. I can trust my life into the hands of Someone who is way bigger and wiser than me. He is my Father in heaven who loves me and knows what it best for me. And whatever may happen, I am sure of one thing: when I die, I will be with Him forever. I will be home!

Climbing for Jesus? *for more about His name, see below

During my years as a competition climber I have experienced that strong performances and the attention of others fade away very quickly. So does the joy of winning a competition or doing a hard climb. I want to live and climb for a greater purpose.

I believe God has given me my talent for climbing, so I want to develop and use this gift for His glory. He is the only one who deserves to be glorified.
Of course it is tempting to climb for the people watching and it is easy to become proud. But when I realize how mighty and holy Jesus is, I know that it would be stupid to put myself in the spotlight. I am so thankful for what He has done for me, that I want to give all glory back to Him. That is why I climb for Jesus.

And it’s not just about climbing. I want to live my whole life for Him. He is my Lord, the best one ever. I can trust Him in everything that happens and I do not have to try and gain people’s attention and approval. I can just be myself in Jesus. 

*His real name is actually Yeshua, in Hebrew. The word ‘Jesus’ in itself doesn’t have a meaning, whereas Yeshua means Salvation, Redeemer, Savior, etc.
It is a little bit like my name. Anak means ‘child’. But if you changed 1 of the letters, it would loose its meaning.