Some people wonder

… why I suddenly took part in a competition again after the struggle with injury. So here’s a little update.

© David Schweizer

My arm started feeling better after the Belgian Championship last May, so competing internationally became an option again.
In the time that followed, I was glad I was able to keep training.
I clearly didn’t have a normal arm yet, but at least it was far from being as bad as it had been before. ??
And when the time came, I was ready to compete again.

So now I’d still like to get that normal arm back. 🙂
Weirdly enough, I still don’t know what the next step is: more exercises, surgery, is there no solution at all,…?
While being in Japan for the World Championships I was told that I’ve never used my shoulders in a correct way (engaging the muscles in my upper back). So… are more exercises the way to go?