…the answer is easy: Great! ?
“But how’s the elbow?”
Well… Not so good unfortunately.
The cause of the injury is still not known. Really weird!

Tendinosis is one of the symptoms, but there is definitely more going on. The rehab exercises and therapies for tendinosis don’t seem to have helped and I’m having problems with my whole injured arm, not only with the tendons in the elbow.

So over the past weeks examinations and doctor appointments have stayed a part of my schedule.
It seems that a major artery (a. brachialis) is squeezed between 2 (strong) muscles (m. brachialis and m. pronator teres).
This means that there is no (or restricted) blood flow to my forearm when I use it.
Unfortunately all of this is still pretty unclear.

In the meantime I’m glad I can still climb and I try to enjoy what I’m able to do!

© Claudia Ziegler

? by Claudia Ziegler @claudia.ziegler

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