• The first world cup of the year was held in Villars, Switzerland on July 7th and 8th.
    In the final route I missed the top part of a slopy hold and fell before I was tired. A very disappointing way to end a competition, but I’m glad I was still on the podium.
    Congrats Janja for topping the route and Mina for taking home the silver medal.Replay of the finals (I climb at 1h 52min 18sec): https://youtu.be/VjOL83RGvDk?t=6738
  • The next world cup was only a few days later and was held in Chamonix, France on July 12th and 13th.
    In the semifinal I fell unexpectedly while turning my hand around – probably a little too careful and slowly and thus slipping off the hold. I was still qualified for finals on a provisional 7th place.

    The final route turned out to be way too easy.
    I topped it and so did Janja and Jain. The podium was decided by countback to the semis.
    The scenario of the men’s final was very much the same: 4 tops and the athletes being split either by countback and even by their climbing time for gold and silver.This not what I’ve been training for. After 6 months of dedicated training and preparation into every detail, I am longing to be taken seriously.
    Lead athletes train for hard lead routes.

    Please allow us to fight against the pump, climbing higher and higher, not giving up and holding on even when hanging on only 2 fingers, resting very little, but still resisting and doing another few moves even though our brain says we can’t – until we finally fall down, completely exhausted, but fully satisfied because we have done all we could have done.
    This is hard. Physically and mostly mentally.
    But it is what we’re training for.

    Replay of the semifinals (I climb at 2h 34min 04sec):  https://youtu.be/lA01mvGkfe8?t=924
    Replay of the finals (I climb at 1h 47min 59sec): https://youtu.be/h54_akkODQY?t=6479
Photo by Eddie Fowke (thecircuitclimbing.com)

Photo by Eddie Fowke (thecircuitclimbing.com)

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