I have many reasons for being grateful for my results in the last worldcups. This season I hoped to do as well as last year, but this is much more than I expected!
Briançon will stay in my memory for a long time. It was so special. Heavy rain, a shower of hail while warming up, flashes of lightning and no more light in isolation. That’s why the finals had to be cancelled. All of a sudden I realised how small we as humans are.

It was so nice to go to the worldcups with my friend Celine, who climbed her first worldcups and first semifinal. We had a great time training, swimming and relaxing in between the competitions.

My final route in Chamonix (1 hour 32 min 28 sec).
My semifinal route in Briançon (2 hours 30 min 30 sec).


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